Teac HDR3500T PVR Review

The HDR3500T Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is a digital video recorder which can record 2 shows at once onto the built in 500GB hard drive or record through the units two USB ports. The USB ports can play various multimedia as well including DIVX and MP3. It competes directly with Topfield, Beyondwiz and TiVo but is substantially cheaper – you can buy it from the Good Guys for $346!

The PiP (Picture in Picture) feature gives you the ability to watch 2 channels at once – something both the Beyondwiz DP-P2 and the Topfield TRF-2400 Masterpiece HD don’t do. This model also has the AV inputs to record from another video component such as a cable TV box, directly onto the HDR3500T’s hardrive.  If you have bought one, leave a comment on what you think…

Features – HDR 3500


  • Dual High Definition Tuners
  • Dual Recording (manual, timer, EPG)
  • Record to external hard drive via USB port
  • PiP (Picture in Picture) View two channels on screen at once
  • Play music and photos via USB
  • In-built 500GB Hard Drive
  • 2 AV Inputs-record from an external video source

  • Tuner : HD / SD DVB-T
  • Recording : high definition / standard definition Hard Drive : 500GB
  • Aspect Ratio : 16:9 / 4:3
  • Max Video resolution : 1080p
  • HDMI : 1
  • Digital Audio : optical
  • RCA Audio Out : 1
  • Component (Y/Pb/Pr) : 1
  • Composite (AV) : 1 out / 2 inputs
  • RF input : 1
  • USB : 1
  • Ethernet : 1

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  1. a:

    So far very disappointed. When I bought it I was assured I could use it on a relatively new crt tv (5yo). Cannot connect to the tv using component cables. All I get is a black screen. The remote has a very poor response time and the trouble shooting section just says check that the cables are connected correctly.

  2. richard judd:

    pluged in with av cables, it didnt work so i went down and brought a HDMI cable and it works great so far, i have recorded through the av in plugs with a security camera and it worked really easily
    great product :)

  3. anthony:

    unit display too small and the clear plastic reflects light onto it.
    other than that its great
    you really need to use hdmi cable with flat screen tv

  4. elmo:

    I have had nothing but trouble with this unit. Constantly locking up.

  5. kg:

    I have one too. Quality picture. In my area, without an antenna booster sometimes the signal drops. I think all of the pvr’s have issues. Mine also hung up when I press fast forward and if you don’t stop it b4 it reaches the end, it will hang up and needs to be restarted, pretty annoying. The remote has a lot of useless features, like the big jump button. It will jump about 1/5 of the way through a program, so what! I guess it does beat ff through a program.

  6. RMC:

    I have one, upgraded from the 2500T model. With HDMI cable the machine works perfectly, except freezes sometimes on one of the 24 free-to-air channels available – although this channel has good signal strength (Brisbane Australia). Upgrade firmware seems to come out each month; so far this has all installed o.k. for me, although what improvements have been achieved by this I don’t know. The USB input/output only seems to recognize FAT32 formated devices, and since FAT32 can only handle files <4GB it is not possible to transfer a larger file directly to an external USB disk. I don't understand why TEAC have done this. But overall, at the price, I am happy with it,

  7. CJC:

    I have the 3500t and it now is a lot better with the new firmware upgrade. It would drop out with low signals they seem to have fixed the problem withe up grade.
    If you ask me would i buy it again i would say “yes”

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