Android TV Box 2.3 media players are just hitting the market. These units are very affordable, use low power, and offer incredible flexibility over custom media players like the Noontec A3 and Asus O!Play devices. The specific unit we are reviewing is the Android TV Box Smart HDD Player and online video Player model K830, manufactured by KIM, and running Android TV Version 2.3.

- Android 2.3 TV Box
- 1.2 GHz Rockchip RK2918 Cortex Processor
- HDMI out 1080P
- Adobe Flash Player 10.2
- Wi-Fi Internet connection
- Android Market Place
- Remote Control


Build: The unit build is quite good, although the remote is pretty basic. There are some neat after market wireless keyboards such as the Super Mini 2.4GHz RF which work well with the unit.

Video: We installed Moboplayer and had issues getting it to play 1080p mkv movies from my external USB HDD. Though these were still watchable, the output quality was not as good as DVDs.

Android: We wanted to see if we could root the device, as there are some apps we did not want which come pre-installed. We were unable to root the Android TV Box by Z4Root and Gingerbreak.

This unit has great potential, and we expect that the user community will share hacks and tweaks to get the most out of this unit over time.