Converting Toppy TRF-2400 recorded files for PC playback

Unfortunately, Topfield 2400/2460 files won’t play in Windows Media Player. Toppy suggest you install KMplayer. The Topfield Video files are recorded in the MPEG2 TS (transport stream) format.  To compound this, if you want to edit the files you record, most editing software including Sony Vegas Pro won’t handle this format.

I have found that the best solution is to convert the files into a high quality MPEG 2 format, and from there, you can pretty much do what you want – edit these and convert them to a DVD, or compress them to XVid of DivX formats.

Here is how

Download WinFF

Update ffmpeg
(optional – choose the Static builds, and replace the ffmpeg.exe and ffplay.exe files in the WinFF directory)

Import THIS into WinFF by chosing “Edit/Presets” in the top menu then importing…