Selling and the Sales Funnel

With similar competitor products, the differentiator becomes your impact on the customer.

Selling is motivating customer commitment:

  • transferring knowledge / information
  • understanding the customer’s needs
  • convincing the customer that you have something they need
  • understanding your competition
  • standing out from the competition
  • talking to the right person

The Sales Funnel is a way to ensure you have understood the customer’s need. This will give you the clarity to understand whether the solution you have will meet this need, so you can progress to closing the sale.

The approach has 5 steps.

sales funnel

1. Motivator

2. Open Neutral Question (ONQ)

3. Open Leading Question (OLQ)

4. Closed Question (CQ)

5. Summary

6. Sweeper

Motivator - “How are you?” / “How has your day been?”

ONQ – “Are you in the market for a new car?”

OLQ - “What do you know about All Wheel Drives?”

CQ - “Would you be interested in buying today?”

Summary – “So just to confirm: you are safety┬áconscious, are in the market for a car, and would like to buy today”

Sweeper - “Are there any other features ir options you would like on the car?”

It is most effective to hold off on the solution, when doing the summary – this is more effective.

And remember: True communication is the RESPONSE I get…

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