sales funnel

Selling and the Sales Funnel

With similar competitor products, the differentiator becomes your impact on the customer.

Selling is motivating customer commitment:

  • transferring knowledge / information
  • understanding the customer’s needs
  • convincing the customer that you have something they need
  • understanding your competition
  • standing out from the competition
  • talking to the right person

The Sales Funnel is a way to ensure you have understood the customer’s need. This will give you the clarity to understand whether the solution you have will meet this need, so you can progress to closing the sale.

The approach has 5 steps.

1. Motivator 2. Open Neutral Question (ONQ) 3. Open Leading Question (OLQ) 4. Closed Question (CQ) 5. Summary 6. More >

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cherub the fall

Cherub: The Fall

This is a very good book in the series. Not only does James get suspected for murder but he also has a social fall (dumps Kerry for Dana). Lauren nearly gets raped and stabs a guy in the leg (who nearly dies). all in all a very good book!

This is the last of reviews done on this website and I have completed multiple more reviews at , HAPPY READING!!

divine mad

Cherub: Divine Madness

Divine madness: “Divine Madness” is a very exciting book but is probably the most boring book in the series.  The book contains excitement at the beginning and at the end but gets dry in the middle.  Still worth reading because there is an explosive end you will know what I mean when you read it.

Mad dogs

Cherub: Mad dogs

Mad Dogs: This mission is where James has to infiltrate the “Mad Dogs” gang and find out what the clubs have been doing to each other. On the way to finding out he is trapped in something no human would want to be.

man vs beast

Cherub: Man Vs. Beast

Man vs. Beast: This book is not for animal lovers because it’s about animals being tested on and some of the people in my school have now turned veggie this is not bad. This is a mission with Lauren, Kyle and James and I must admit has a very exciting end.  Over all, if you read this book you won’t regret it!

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Adelaide Rocked by Large Eathquake

Adelaide, capital of South Australia, has been hit by a large earthquake at around 11.26pm on 16 April 2010.

The epicentre was believed to be near Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills. It had a force of 3.4 on the Richter scale.

“I was sitting on the couch watching TV when I felt the whole house shake.  Windows rattled…” one resident said.

I was in the kitchen when the ground moved, throwing me to the ground… said another.

There are reports of damage to Mt Bold reservoir.

Handling an Objection

When you encounter an objection from a potential customer, do this:

  1. PAUSE
  2. “Tell me more…”
  3. Empty the customer Ask – “Is there anything else?”
  4. Lock the customer Ask – “If I were to …. would you …”
  5. Present a counter solution
  6. Confirm the details

The Rules for handling a sales objection are:

  • ASK THE QUESTION – “Do you have any problems with … Are there any issues we haven’t discussed?”

And remember,

  • Never take it personally
  • Listen and be interested
  • Don’t blame
  • Stay calm

Qualifying Checklist

This simple 10 point check-list will help you determine whether all bases have been covered, so you have the maximum likelihood of closing the deal:

  1. Have all NEEDS been agreed with the customer (What are they? How did you agree them?)
  2. Do you have an effective SOLUTION? (What is it?)
  3. Is your solution financially JUSTIFIABLE? (How do you know?)
  4. Is the expenditure in the BUDGET? Is FINANCE available? (How do you know? How much is it?)
  5. What is their BASIS OF DECISION? (What are their evaluation criteria?)
  6. What is their DECISION MAKING PROCESS? (Who are the players? How do you know what roles they are playing?)
  7. Do More >