Qualifying a lead

Handling an Objection

When you encounter an objection from a potential customer, do this:

  1. PAUSE
  2. “Tell me more…”
  3. Empty the customer Ask – “Is there anything else?”
  4. Lock the customer Ask – “If I were to …. would you …”
  5. Present a counter solution
  6. Confirm the details

The Rules for handling a sales objection are:

  • ASK THE QUESTION – “Do you have any problems with … Are there any issues we haven’t discussed?”

And remember,

  • Never take it personally
  • Listen and be interested
  • Don’t blame
  • Stay calm

Qualifying Checklist

This simple 10 point check-list will help you determine whether all bases have been covered, so you have the maximum likelihood of closing the deal:

  1. Have all NEEDS been agreed with the customer (What are they? How did you agree them?)
  2. Do you have an effective SOLUTION? (What is it?)
  3. Is your solution financially JUSTIFIABLE? (How do you know?)
  4. Is the expenditure in the BUDGET? Is FINANCE available? (How do you know? How much is it?)
  5. What is their BASIS OF DECISION? (What are their evaluation criteria?)
  6. What is their DECISION MAKING PROCESS? (Who are the players? How do you know what roles they are playing?)
  7. Do More >