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There are so many options for birthday party invitations…

Free printables and card crafts appeal to many parents, while others prefer a personalized commercial card. A birthday party package from an online supplier includes inexpensive matching invitations. You can even send free animated birthday party invitations by email. This Guide to Birthday Party Invitations covers each option in approximate order of cost to make it quick and easy for you to find what you need. Hey, that’s what computers are all about!

Invitations via email

Free Birthday Party Invitations Using Email


Have you noticed it doesn’t cost anything to email a cute card? You’ve no doubt sent or received a greeting card online. Kids love to send and receive online greetings, so animated birthday party invitations are a natural for older kids. They just don’t get any cuter than the e-cards at Hallmark. 123Greetings also has a good selection.

Free Online Printable Birthday Party Invitations

You’ll find several selections at birthday party invitation sites. Some of the cutest are, not surprisingly, at the toner and specialty paper supplier sites. See what I mean at HP, Canon, and Avery. For a simple invitation, DLTK offer a good selection of kid themes.

Homemade Invitations For Your Birthday Party

Crafty parents can find ideas for creative homemade party invitations online. PBS’ Zoom has several ideas for homemade party invitations. You will also find ideas for homemade invitations under different party themes, such as these at Family Fun. If you want to learn more about card-making, order the book Cards That Pop-Up, Flip & Slide

Card Birthday Party Invitation Printing Software

Home printing software such as Hallmark Card Studio, Greeting Card Factory, Print Shop, and Printmaster include plenty of birthday card templates for you to print at home. If your family enjoys paper crafts, these software programs have tons of additional fun projects. My kids have loved our Print Shop Deluxe program. Plus, some of these programs include access to even more clip art and templates online.

Packaged Invitations For Your Birthday Party

Of course, you can always pick up inexpensive fill-in invitations with the matching plates and napkins at your discount store. But it’s frustrating when you can’t find enough of the theme you want, not to mention trudging around finding low-cost favors to go with it all. Online suppliers such as Birthday in a Box put the whole set at your fingertips.

Personalized Printed Invitations For Your Birthday Party

If you’re not satisfied with the appearance of the free printables above, you can now find many beautiful personalized cards at the commercial card printing sites. Your computer actually makes this traditional way of purchasing personalized cards so simple to click and order. I’ve found a good selection of cards for birthday party invitations at “Noteworthy Notes” and “Announcements and Notes by Jeanette”. Don’t miss the amazingly pricey selections at “” and “Madi and Company”.

Who to Invite?

Plan Your Guest List

Plan your guest list around the type of party you will be having. If you’re hosting a makeover party at a girly spot in the mall, your daughter will have to agree to keep the guest list down–and it will probably have to be a girls-only party. Many party places will tell you what the maximum number of guests can be. Top

Invite Close Friends and Family

Invite close friends and family first. This is a no-brainer. Your child will undoubtedly have one or two favorite pals that simply must be on the guest list. Add any More >


Party Food Fun

Children of all ages and gender benefit from spending time in the kitchen. With the easy to follow children’s recipes listed here, kids will be introduced to basic math skills, reading and comprehension. Using a recipe will also develop their ability to follow directions, one of the most important skills a child needs for a successful school experience.

Peanut Butter Balls (No cooking required)

Ingredients: 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup honey, 1 cup crushed corn flakes cereal, 2 tablespoons powdered milk. Method: Set corn flakes aside. Mix all other ingredients well. Roll into balls. Then roll again in Cornflakes until covered. Refrigerate More >


Win or Lose Party Games

No one should go home a loser! Competitive games are enjoyable only for the people who win. A party should be fun…Avoid tears by selecting games where everyone gets a chance to succeed. For example, if it’s a game like musical chairs, when a player is called “out”, assign that player the task of playing the music. After one round, that player will rejoin the group. Better yet, plan a few cooperative games, in which the whole gang faces a challenge, such as following a treasure map, then they each receive a prize or split the treasure evenly.

Catch the Balloon

Indoors More >