Arcade Cabinets

How to build a classic pacman tabletop cabinet


Pacman Arcade Cabinet

This Pac-man cocktail cabinet has been built from scratch. It is based on dimensions fron the original Pacman console, but includes a number of modifications to allow end-to end as well as side-by-side play of arcade games.

The console cabinet is made from 18mm MDF (medium density fibro), and a router is essential to get the correct finish.

I avoided using the T-molding on the edges, opting instead for a clean routered finish.  This has come up really well with the use of oil based primer and top coats.

The console uses an i-pac controller from Ultimarc. I did look into keyboard hacking More >


Yoke Flipping

This Yoke Flipping technique was first published by Bob Robert. It allows you to turn the image of a computer CRT monitor around, or even mirror it completely. CRT monitors use a deflection yoke at the base of the tube to control the way the cathode ray draws the image. There is an X (horizontal) part and a Y(vertical) control.

Each monitor is slightly different, but all will have in common two wires controlling X deflection movement, and two controlling Y deflection movement.  These wires are generally soldered to the yoke, however the other end is generally terminated with a socket.

Flipping More >