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iPad by Apple


Evidence was discovered that Apple was interested in the name “iSlate, prior to settling on “iPad”.

A search in the Canadian trademark database reveals that Apple’s dummy corporation Slate Computing, LLC applied for a trademark for “iPad” under the categories of handheld mobile digital electronic devices with a broad range of applications. This application was filed in July 2009 — much more recently than the original iSlate trademarks which date back to 2006-2007. Slate Computing, LLC did not apply for a similar trademark in the U.S. due to the fact that Fujitsu appears to control the U.S. trademark as it relates More >

Dragon Age Origins

“Dragon Age: Origins” is a mesmerizing RPG from the master developers at BioWare.


For the most part, RPG fans are going to love what they find. While the story bears more than just a passing similarity to the “Lord of the Rings” saga, it’s not a bad thing, especially considering the replay value. The story changes whether you choose to play as a human, elf or dwarf, and the gameplay changes depending on whether you play as a solider, mage or rogue.

Expect to sink anywhere from 40 to 70 hours into the title based on how dedicated you are to completing More >

nexus one

Nexus One Review

The Nexus One is the next big thing to hit the mobile phone market. It has been lunched to compete directly with the Apple iPhone. It can be purchased directly from Google online store.

This is the best Android powered phone to date. It’s also the fastest and most elegant smartphone on the market today, solidly beating the iPhone in most ways. In this rapidly evolving market there is sure to be something better just around the corner. But if you are looking to buy a high end smartphone right now, this is the phone for you. The Nexus One is More >


Yoke Flipping

This Yoke Flipping technique was first published by Bob Robert. It allows you to turn the image of a computer CRT monitor around, or even mirror it completely. CRT monitors use a deflection yoke at the base of the tube to control the way the cathode ray draws the image. There is an X (horizontal) part and a Y(vertical) control.

Each monitor is slightly different, but all will have in common two wires controlling X deflection movement, and two controlling Y deflection movement.  These wires are generally soldered to the yoke, however the other end is generally terminated with a socket.

Flipping More >

Pacman Arcade Cabinet

This Pac-man cocktail cabinet has been built from scratch. It is based on dimensions fron the original Pacman console, but includes a number of modifications to allow end-to end as well as side-by-side play of arcade games.

The console cabinet is made from 18mm MDF (medium density fibro), and a router is essential to get the correct finish.

I avoided using the T-molding on the edges, opting instead for a clean routered finish.  This has come up really well with the use of oil based primer and top coats.

The console uses an i-pac controller from Ultimarc. I did look into keyboard hacking More >