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Convert Topfield MPEG files to a Standard PC Format

Converting Toppy TRF-2400 recorded files for PC playback

Unfortunately, Topfield 2400/2460 files won’t play in Windows Media Player. Toppy suggest you install KMplayer. The Topfield Video files are recorded in the MPEG2 TS (transport stream) format.  To compound this, if you want to edit the files you record, most editing software including Sony Vegas Pro won’t handle this format.

I have found that the best solution is to convert the files into a high quality MPEG 2 format, and from there, you can pretty much do what you want – edit these and convert them to a DVD, or compress them to XVid of More >

Topfield TRF2400 Review

Topfield TRF-2400 Masterpiece Review

The Topfield TFR 2400 Masterpiece is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) which can record up to 4 channels simultaneously, while allowing you to watch any one of them, or a recorded program on the hard drive. It is superior to other models as it also has video inputs, which mean you can connect analog sources to it and record them. Other features such as IceTV, Flickr and YouTube are available when you connect the system up to a LAN network providing Internet access.

Topfield are great at enhancing the Firmware – the most recent addition is the ability to stream home media.  Furthermore, More >

TEAC HDR3500T DVR Picture in Picture

Teac HDR3500T PVR Review

The HDR3500T Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is a digital video recorder which can record 2 shows at once onto the built in 500GB hard drive or record through the units two USB ports. The USB ports can play various multimedia as well including DIVX and MP3. It competes directly with Topfield, Beyondwiz and TiVo but is substantially cheaper – you can buy it from the Good Guys for $346!

The PiP (Picture in Picture) feature gives you the ability to watch 2 channels at once – something both the Beyondwiz DP-P2 and the Topfield TRF-2400 Masterpiece HD don’t do. This model also has the AV inputs to record More >